No context

From now on it doesn’t matter who the person is or what their sexuality is I’m now always going to say they give good head

Camgirls always kill the water cooler talk :(

Who is flushing the toilet on the call?

We dont use that bullshit European style here in the states

I still think cannibals are vegan

Peperjack: i have an asshole, does that make me an asshole?

SomKen: you can’t wig your way out of a penis

SomKen: pound out them knowledge beats
Tom: with your very large foot

<d8t> i get paid fairly well to deal with this level of stupidity

<supercooldude> my co-worker asked me what i was laughing at, and i told her my friend has “put in mouth” tattooed on his nutsack.

<supermadbro> and u better not put that on ur fucking website

<Leapo> I’m a heavy-handed typist, I like the extra firmness

<fuzion> i prefer voyeur type of stuff
<Dankiswess> kinda with fusion on this one….
<fuzion> ehh we dont need to indulge my sexual fantasies. im just surprised as all hell
<Dankiswess> now let me go shower with a brillo pad

[BWB] Alex: Now you know why I don’t wipe.

<DTS> risky as fuck click
<DTS> I expected a dong
<rd8t> i hope that is never what she said, lol

[BWB] Alex: how DO furries get their suit clean after a fur pile?

[BWB] Alex: *pats you on the head like a dog that just learned to chase its tail*

<Dankiswess> adding 20 more gig to my bootcamp drive
<DTS> how much porn is that?
<Dankiswess> I stream all my porn from the interwebs
<Dankiswess> I don’t archive that shit
<DTS> good man. dont want anyone knowing your into tentacle porn
<Dankiswess> precisely

Power-Fusion: brb
Power-Fusion: next class is dumb shit with some bimbo who thinks i give a fuck

12:07 AM – intox. Power-Fusion: OUR RELATIONSHIP IS BUILT ON LIES
12:07 AM – SomKen: I CAN READ
12:08 AM – intox. Power-Fusion: IM PREGERS
12:08 AM – SomKen: I’M STERILE
12:08 AM – intox. Power-Fusion: IM A CHAIR
12:09 AM – SomKen: IM A RUG
12:09 AM – intox. Power-Fusion: Rug me baby, rug me hard, i wanna fell your high thread count all over my silky cushion goodnes


7:02 PM – BG| Warplague: SHIT ON A WHALE.

4:01 PM – intox. Power-Fusion: warplague
4:01 PM – intox. Power-Fusion: were trying to get him d3
4:01 PM – intox. Power-Fusion: then hes gonna pay it back
4:01 PM – SomKen: well shit
4:01 PM – SomKen: he should go steal a copy
4:02 PM – SomKen: it’s hardly that big of a record
4:02 PM – intox. Power-Fusion: rofl
4:02 PM – SomKen: he’s a minor. it will fall off when he’s 18
4:02 PM – SomKen: he’s good
4:02 PM – intox. Power-Fusion: rofl
4:02 PM – SomKen: got to use that youth while you have it
4:02 PM – SomKen: if i got busted, shit
4:02 PM – SomKen: i’d be fucked
4:02 PM – intox. Power-Fusion: rofl
4:02 PM – SomKen: ain’t no one touching my peepee
4:03 PM – SomKen: and i ain’t touching anyone elses

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