No context

Camgirls always kill the water cooler talk :(

Who is flushing the toilet on the call?

We dont use that bullshit European style here in the states

I still think cannibals are vegan

Peperjack: i have an asshole, does that make me an asshole?

SomKen: you can’t wig your way out of a penis

SomKen: pound out them knowledge beats
Tom: with your very large foot

<d8t> i get paid fairly well to deal with this level of stupidity

<supercooldude> my co-worker asked me what i was laughing at, and i told her my friend has “put in mouth” tattooed on his nutsack.

<supermadbro> and u better not put that on ur fucking website

<Leapo> I’m a heavy-handed typist, I like the extra firmness

<fuzion> i prefer voyeur type of stuff
<Dankiswess> kinda with fusion on this one….
<fuzion> ehh we dont need to indulge my sexual fantasies. im just surprised as all hell
<Dankiswess> now let me go shower with a brillo pad

[BWB] Alex: Now you know why I don’t wipe.

<DTS> risky as fuck click
<DTS> I expected a dong
<rd8t> i hope that is never what she said, lol

[BWB] Alex: how DO furries get their suit clean after a fur pile?

[BWB] Alex: *pats you on the head like a dog that just learned to chase its tail*

<Dankiswess> adding 20 more gig to my bootcamp drive
<DTS> how much porn is that?
<Dankiswess> I stream all my porn from the interwebs
<Dankiswess> I don’t archive that shit
<DTS> good man. dont want anyone knowing your into tentacle porn
<Dankiswess> precisely

Power-Fusion: brb
Power-Fusion: next class is dumb shit with some bimbo who thinks i give a fuck

12:07 AM – intox. Power-Fusion: OUR RELATIONSHIP IS BUILT ON LIES
12:07 AM – SomKen: I CAN READ
12:08 AM – intox. Power-Fusion: IM PREGERS
12:08 AM – SomKen: I’M STERILE
12:08 AM – intox. Power-Fusion: IM A CHAIR
12:09 AM – SomKen: IM A RUG
12:09 AM – intox. Power-Fusion: Rug me baby, rug me hard, i wanna fell your high thread count all over my silky cushion goodnes


7:02 PM – BG| Warplague: SHIT ON A WHALE.

intox. Power-Fusion: night baby
BG| Warplague: Night, cutie.
‮intox. Power-Fusion slaps ass
BG| Warplague slaps balls

4:01 PM – intox. Power-Fusion: warplague
4:01 PM – intox. Power-Fusion: were trying to get him d3
4:01 PM – intox. Power-Fusion: then hes gonna pay it back
4:01 PM – SomKen: well shit
4:01 PM – SomKen: he should go steal a copy
4:02 PM – SomKen: it’s hardly that big of a record
4:02 PM – intox. Power-Fusion: rofl
4:02 PM – SomKen: he’s a minor. it will fall off when he’s 18
4:02 PM – SomKen: he’s good
4:02 PM – intox. Power-Fusion: rofl
4:02 PM – SomKen: got to use that youth while you have it
4:02 PM – SomKen: if i got busted, shit
4:02 PM – SomKen: i’d be fucked
4:02 PM – intox. Power-Fusion: rofl
4:02 PM – SomKen: ain’t no one touching my peepee
4:03 PM – SomKen: and i ain’t touching anyone elses

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